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Deployment Schedule

Four field deployments will take place during DCOTSS. The first is an aircraft integration and test flight period from Palmdale, CA. Science flights will take place from Salina, KS.
Length Deployment Start First Flight Last Flight Deployment End
2020 Deployments
Test Period 5 weeks March 16 April 1 April 9 April 16
Mid-Summer 9 weeks June 1 June 22 July 22 July 31
2021 Deployments
Early Summer 8 weeks April 19 May 10 June 10 June 11
Late Summer 7 weeks July 19 July 21 August 25 September 2

Aircraft and Instrumentation

Description of the aircraft and instruments


Description of the NEXRAD radar network and the GridRad data product

Satellites and Satellite Instruments

Description of the satellite data to be used during DCOTSS


Description of the models to be used during DCOTSS