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Deployment Schedule

Changes have been made to the schedule for DCOTSS field activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Aircraft integration and test flights will take place in Palmdale, CA during 2021. Late- and early-summer field deployments to Salina, KS are scheduled for 2021 and 2022, respectively.
Length Deployment Start First Flight* Last Flight* Deployment End
2021 Deployments
Integration and Testing 5 weeks May 3 June 9 June 15 June 17
Late-Summer 9 weeks** July 6 July 12 August 26 September 3
2022 Deployment
Early Summer 12 weeks*** April 25 May 16 July 7 July 15
*For the deployments to Salina, the first and last flight dates are the scheduled dates for the transit flights between Palmdale, CA and Salina, KS.
**Includes download.
***Dates are approximate; includes upload and download.

Aircraft and Instrumentation

Description of the aircraft and instruments


Description of the NEXRAD radar network and the GridRad data product

Satellites and Satellite Instruments

Description of the satellite data to be used during DCOTSS


Description of the models to be used during DCOTSS